Inge de Bruijn

My experience in Client Services is very useful for my role in KYC

Inge de Bruijn is a shining example of how perseverance and setting a goal can help you to get where you want to be. In October 2020, she has started in her new role within Know Your Customer (KYC).

“A couple of years ago, I would never have dared to imagine that this position was within my reach. I did vocational education after leaving secondary school, whereas this role requires at least a bachelor’s degree. I’m currently doing the final year of a degree in business administration. The course was recommended to me by Customer Journey Experts (CJE) and is being facilitated by ING. It proves to me once again just how much is possible at this company if you’re not afraid to go for it.”

The Know Your Customer (KYC) department is not entirely new to Inge, because she has done a Short Term Assignment there in the past. She also has many years of experience in Client Services, working with business clients. “That experience will come in very useful in my new role as a CJE.”

In at the deep end

“My Lead (manager) asked me to do the KYC project, which entailed giving a hundred thousand existing customers a new risk classification. I was very curious about the department and the project seemed like an interesting challenge. But it also threw me in at the deep end! I suddenly found myself with a lot more responsibility, a coordinating role plus a tight deadline.”

I’ve got into my stride

“I sometimes had to face some hard truths, but I also got a lot of support from the people around me. That whole experience made me stronger and brought me another step closer to my new role, and so did my degree. The combination of working, studying and coordinating a tough project wasn’t always easy for me, especially when we all ended up working from home because of coronavirus. But I’ve got into my stride and am now working with my fellow CJEs to make processes efficient, secure and compliant for our internal and external customers.”

About Inge

Inge was born in Schiedam but later moved to Friesland and started working in the back office at ING in Leeuwarden, initially for consumers and later for business customers. Inge and her boyfriend take part in Strong Viking runs and they often go training in the woods accompanied by his two huskies. They are hoping to move in together soon so that the two of them, his dogs and her two cats can form one big happy family. She enjoys meeting up with friends and family for al fresco drinks and going to festivals (when it becomes possible again).

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