Igor Soldo

Being part of one of the most important transitions in this era of new banking is amazing

After an eclectic career in one of the biggest gaming companies in Europe, Igor Soldo (43) decided it was time for the next challenge. ING caught his eye. It was ING’s ambition to transform from bank into IT organisation that competes in financial markets that won him over. “I wanted to be part of that.”

“I always wondered what it would be like to live and work in Amsterdam. Nine years ago I took the plunge and moved from Belgrade to here, for my first ever job in The Netherlands. Last summer it was the moment to take the next step. Now here I am, at ING, taking part in one of the most exciting transitions of this era. Digital technologies are rapidly transforming retail banking market and banks need to compete with digitally native companies.”

ING Private Cloud

“ING Private Cloud (IPC) is a unified IT infrastructure that enables ING to offer automated and standardized solutions globally, resulting in increasing agility and decreasing complexity and variations. The IPC enables DevOps teams to speed up application development and shorten the time to market for new products. In my role as Product Owner I am responsible for supporting compute, virtualization, storage and backup infrastructure operations within IPC. My team of highly experienced DevOps engineers works on daily basis on implementation, automation and improvement of cloud operation procedures.”

Cool things

“In the past, banks were recognized as static and not so interesting places to work, IT concerned. Nowadays, the biggest IT things are happening here. Creation of next generation IT solutions within established and highly regulated environment is a challenge that is difficult to find in any other industry. Think of being able to deploy complete bank IT infrastructure in a country within hours. Sounds like a challenge? It’s already on a roadmap. The minute I started I was put in the middle of a storm, where so many cool things happen constantly in our journey to where we want to be. The pile of work might be never ending, but it’s just never boring.”

About Igor

Igor has a master in Computer Engineering. He likes spending time with his family: wife and two young kids. If he gets the chance, he travels and listens to music. From punkrock and new wave to world and classical music, Igor loves it all. His guitar hero is Vlatko Stefanovski, a macedonian ethno-rock jazz fusion guitarist.

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