Ioana Anghel

Designing IT workplaces where users are happy

ING’s Global Workplace Services (GWS) is responsible for the virtual workplaces for more than 52.000 ING employees in over 40 countries. From IT developer to private banker: GWS makes it possible for everyone to work securely and collaborate internationally. Feature Engineer Ioana Anghel and her team create a seamless workspace experience on virtual desktop environments.

Ioana had been working at IBM for four years and at 1&1 Internet for two years when she applied for a role at ING in 2017. “With a background in implementation of MSI/APP-V packages, VDI, Windows users migration and scrum, I clicked with all the technical requirements when I applied for the Feature Engineer position at ING. Our squad manages customer needs. We gather the requirements, translate them into technical specifications, make proposals and manage the implementation. We are not a hardcore IT department, in the sense we don’t do any of the actual implementation and life cycle management ourselves. That is our suppliers’ job.”

Bringing tech to life

“The continuously changing and growing ING environment facilitates me in discovering and learning. Our IT directive pushes us to be a fast follower in the IT banking environment – focusing on finding solutions for each and one of the questions we are being asked. We bring tech to life in a practical and secure way: we design seamless working environments while being risk minded. One of the cases I’m currently working on is on-boarding a business unit from a new country to the VDI environment. We have to design the workplace making sure our customers have all the applications they need.

What I really like in my job, is the fact that I get the chance to work with different countries and meet different people. Our customers’ needs differ per country, per branch, per individual. It is up to us to gather the requirements and create an environment where they are happy.”

Join a small but mighty team

Ioana currently works in a team with three people. She hopes new colleagues will join soon. “Global Workplace Services is the backbone of ING. We are small, but mighty, and make a big impact to ING’s strategy. Our new colleagues of course have to be passionate about IT and have general knowledge of VDI, App-V, Citrix, Windows and software packaging. They will join an enthusiastic team, with members with similar interests, where curiosity, humor and communication are the main ingredients in finding solutions and motivating everyone bringing out the best in themselves. If you like virtual workplaces, this is the place!

About Ioana

Ioana is originally from Romania, but now lives in The Hague and works in Amsterdam – with a commute giving her enough time to read books. “I read anything, from A-Z, currently reading a Dalai Lama piece!” Ioana has a bachelor degree in Telecommunications. When Ioana is not working she loves to travel and explore the world.

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