Inspiring software developers with real-life cases from within ING 

The Netherlands’ largest Java conference, J-Fall, will take place on 3 November 2022, and ING’s Vasco Veloso and Tim van Baarsen are two of the speakers.

Vasco’s talk is called ‘Bullet-proofing APIs to build reliable systems’. As a Senior Software Engineer in the ING Daily Banking & Mobile-Led tribe, Vasco’s current focus is on the mobile onboarding of ING’s customers. His talk will revolve around a case study that highlights how to keep human miscommunications away from APIs by adapting ideas borrowed from the principles found in programming language tools: compilation, assembly and linkage. Vasco: “ING strives to be a customer-centric organisation. The last thing we want is for our customers to be frustrated by services going offline. Ensuring API quality and reliability is a complex challenge, so we need to find ways to simplify it.”

‘We integrated the industry’s best practices in every step of API development’

“We asked ourselves, how can we better test our application programming interfaces, and thus eliminate the human factor as much as possible? We approached the problem holistically by integrating the industry’s best practices in every step of API development. I hope to inspire the J-Fall attendees, most of whom are designing or building services exposing APIs, to find effective ways to improve their APIs and ensure that they fit together smoothly.”

Tim is a Java Software Engineer & Kafka Specialist and advocate of open-source distributed event streaming platforms. He will share his knowledge in a talk called ‘Spring Kafka beyond the basics – lessons learned on our Kafka journey at ING Bank’. His presentation is aimed at developers who are familiar with the fundamentals of Apache Kafka and Spring Kafka. He will take them beyond the basics by discussing various lessons learned from real-life Kafka projects that have been running in production at ING for many years.

An inspiring journey into Apache Kafka and Spring Kafka

During the talk, Tim will take the audience on an inspiring journey supported by live demos and real code and will display the pitfalls almost every Kafka developer will face at some point. He will tackle a number of challenging questions head-on, such as: Can you survive consuming a poison pill from a Kafka topic without writing gigabytes of log lines? Should you do integration testing for Kafka? What other options are there? And can you incorporate Apache Kafka as part of your distributed tracing?

Overview of all presentations

Are you curious to know more about the talks by Tim and Vasco, as well as the other presentations during J-Fall 2022? You can find a complete overview here:

About Vasco

Vasco has been developing software for over 20 years. From Assembly, through C, C++ and Prolog, to Java, Scala and Kotlin, on computers of all sizes, from floppy disks to SSDs, on-premises and cloud… he has been there, done that and used it! He loves to learn how things work and share his findings with others.

About Tim

Tim has been working in IT for about 15 years. Attracted by the interesting technological challenges ING offered, he joined the company in 2017. Tim is a strong proponent of open-source technology, a big fan of the Spring Framework and particularly interested in building scalable distributed systems.

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