Tips for a successful job application

Tips for a successful job application

Applying to work at ING? Read this first!

After perusing this website, you’ve found your dream job at ING. Now it’s your turn – you need to arouse our interest enough that we invite you for an interview. We can’t guarantee anything, but by following the advice below you’ll definitely improve your chances of progressing to the next stage successfully.

Understand the requirements

Make sure you know exactly what the job vacancy requires – not only the qualifications and experience, but also the essential qualities such as commitment, initiative, willingness to learn, creativity and communication skills. Don’t hesitate to call us in order to find out more about the specific requirements of the vacancy you are thinking of applying for.

The importance of a good CV

Your CV (curriculum vitae) is the most important component of your online application – you should see it as your own personal calling card. Make sure that the aspects that are most relevant for the vacancy you’re applying for stand out! Highlight and expand upon any relevant experience and this is not the time to be modest – mention any successful achievements. Your CV should be short and to the point, with the emphasis on factual information and demonstrable results. In terms of layout it should be neat and tidy. Spelling mistakes and poor punctuation definitely won’t help you make a good impression!

The accompanying letter

All job applications are submitted to ING electronically so instead of sending a traditional accompanying letter, we ask you to submit an outline of your reasons for applying to us through the website too. This background information is an important supplement to your CV as it is used in the first round of selection.

The interview

Congratulations – you’ve been invited for an interview! Make sure that you are well prepared. Familiarise yourself with the job requirements. Think about what kind of questions you might be asked and how you should answer them. Make a note of the questions you want to ask and take them into the interview with you. It should be a two-way process, so it’s only right that you are discerning too.

The first impression counts

It might seem obvious: be on time and look presentable. You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression – make sure it’s a good one.

Send an email to say thank you

Send the interviewer an e-mail to say thank you after your meeting. This courteous gesture is a great way of reminding them about yourself – which can only be a good thing in view of the selection procedure ahead.

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