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Dominic Tremblay

I’ve found a workplace where the corporate values match my personal values

After finishing his study at the University of Saskatchewan in Canada, Dominic made impressive career moves. He was one of the high potentials that stood out of the crowd, to the certain point where a multinational asked him to take up a leading role in a sales team. It was love that brought him to The Netherlands where he was recommended for a challenging branding job at ING.

In his current role Dominics aim is to help people understand what ING stands for. He is responsible for steering and facilitating the business units in translating the global brand strategy to internal and external audiences. He manages and facilitates global brand implementation projects. “As a team we develop brand strategies that I bring into execution, such as the ‘World, here I come’ campaign at Amsterdam Schiphol airport or our employer brand campaign aimed at attracting the right talent to ING.”

Make it happen

From the minute Dominic entered ING he felt at home. “Our environment is very active, we’ll take it on and make things happen ourselves. I’m a doer at heart, I strive to bring new creative ideas to life by understanding the larger picture while never losing sight of the details, and that’s really appreciated here. As a team we share a strong sense of responsibility and dedication to our work.”

Proud of being part of ING

Apart from being surrounded by likeminded people, there’s an even more important reason why Dominic is so grounded at ING: here he feels he can really be himself. “In previous jobs people would sometimes whisper behind my back, knowing their new manager was gay, just because it’s not the norm. At ING I have never faced a moment of awkwardness, no one even blinks if I tell them my fiancé is a man or when I’m in a more flamboyant mood. My identity is truly supported here and I want to parade that wonderful feeling of empowerment by being part of the ING Boat at the Gay Pride. It’s my way to share with others that I’ve found a workplace where the corporate values match my personal values.”

About Dominic

Dominic is born and raised in central Canada. After work he likes to explore Amsterdam, where he quite recently moved to. Dominic recharges his batteries at home by playing his favourite old school videogame Zelda.

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