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Emile Baars

Showing you can truly be yourself here, is an important message to the outside world

Emile didn’t do much with his studies Linguistics. Rather he’d choose for a job at ING after working as ‘jack of all trades’ at the mail office. “At first I thought working at a bank wouldn’t be something for me. Too uptight, and I’m kind of a party animal.” In practice that turned out differently: nine years later in his Amsterdam Oud-West office he still deals with clients enthusiastically and has a blast with his colleagues on daily basis.

Emiles clients originate from all quarters, “and are so divers from the inside! On the one hand we deal with happy people, who surprise us with homemade cakes and puddings. But on the other hand we sometimes meet angry clients. Luckily ING has trained us very well in managing different, sometimes challenging, situations.”


The term ‘diverse’ is spot on if you want to label Emiles team. “We are eight very different personalities. Don’t know how our manager succeeded in finding this colorful bunch, but he did. And we fit: occasionally we are rolling over the floor laughing. I sincerely think this is the best team of The Netherlands. You’re entitled to be yourself, make mistakes now and then. I celebrate life in every way, and of course people have an opinion on that, but my colleagues only want me to be happy. ‘Do you ever sleep?’ they sometimes ask, for fun. I feel privileged I’m allowed to work here.”

Show your true identity

Emiles first acquaintance with GALA, ING’s international gay & lesbian network, dates from 2010. “It might seem obvious that everybody – regardless of religion, nationality, sexual orientation – is accepted in The Netherlands, but I can tell you that’s not true. I can’t walk the streets holding hands with my boyfriend in my neighbourhood. Sometimes I confront my neighbours with that. They’d say they would consider everybody being equal, but if I show my affection to my boyfriend in public they would comment on that. It’s a very important sign to the outside world to show you can truly be yourself at a company, and I think ING deals with this fabulously.”

About Emile

Emile has a Aruban father and a Dutch mother.
Emile performs on regular basis with his repertoire of Dutch soul- and musicalcovers and promotes his own singles when he gets the chance. Bar ‘Het Jordaantje’ is his favorite, you can meet him here basically every Sunday.
If he doesn’t sing, he listens to music. The minute he wakes up he’ll play his Spotify-list with songs that match with his current mood: “When I’m super happy I go crazy on ‘Euphoria’ and on off-days I’d play Hazes”.
He loves to eat out, preferably Thai cuisine or Spanish food, “with Granada as my favorite Spanish restaurant in Amsterdam.”

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