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Nick Rademaker

Coronavirus crisis: working from home on adapted customer processes

Nick’s main objective has always been to make the processes as easy as possible for ING’s business customers so that they can manage their loan quickly and efficiently. That’s what he did as SME Account Manager, Business Lending Product Manager and Customer Journey Expert (CJE). It’s also a goal he champions in his current role as Chapter Lead, particularly now that many businesses are living through the consequences of the coronavirus outbreak.

Emergency brake

“It is as if someone hit the emergency brake on the economy. Many businesses suddenly find themselves with little to no income, yet some of their costs continue as normal. We’re noticing this immediately in the enormous number of loan applications and repayment-related questions we’re receiving in the front office. The Dutch government has set up various emergency schemes and we’re making sure our customers can access them as quickly as possible.”

Efficient and transparent

“We normally try to help our business customers within two days. That’s not possible at the moment, but we’re doing everything we can. Their primary concern now shouldn’t be about loans and repayments. For each type of request, we make the procedure as efficient and transparent as possible so that customers and their own employees can get through it as easily and quickly as possible. At the same time, we’re very carefully assessing all the potential risks to the bank.”

Working from home poses an extra challenge

“An additional challenge is that we’re not physically together as a team; everyone’s working from home. Meetings take place by Skype – in English, because we work with different nationalities. It’s difficult to coordinate in a call with 10 or more people though. In my most recent meeting there were as many as 30. Everyone’s pretty much in the same boat: it can often be a tight squeeze when you and your partner are both working from home and doing video meetings, while also trying to help your children with home schooling. It’s impossible really, but so far we’ve coped. Everyone’s working flat out to make sure the Corona processes work for our customers. They have to. And we get a huge boost when they do work and we can really deliver for our customers.”

About Nick

Nick studied hotel management in Leeuwarden before opting for a commercial role as a Sales Trainee at ING. He worked as a Relationship Manager and SME Account Manager, Business Lending Product Manager and Customer Journey Expert. Nick lives with his girlfriend and daughter in a listed farmhouse in the Dutch province of Brabant. “Our region has been hit hard by the coronavirus outbreak. But out here in the countryside, it’s not a bad place to be in self-isolation.”

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