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Emmely Wigger

I see something new every morning, which is great!

As a child, Emmely once wrote in her friendship book “When I grow up, I want to be rich”, so her interest in finance obviously started at a young age! It therefore came as no great surprise when she later decided to study Economics & Business Economics (bachelor’s) and finance (master’s). A traineeship at ING was a logical next step.

Early on in her master’s Emmely took part in the ING Bootcamp, which resulted in an internship at ING Retail Banking. “I initially thought of looking for a role within Wholesale Banking because that was a closer fit with my degree, but the ING Bootcamp opened my eyes to Retail Banking. The combination of the financial sector with innovation for a large, diverse customer base suits me. I learnt a lot during my internship; I had the freedom to do all sorts of things and was an active member of a squad – the ideal opportunity to find out what I really enjoy. I was still an intern when I applied for the Retail Banking traineeship, and I was accepted. I had time to do some travelling before I started, so I headed off alone to Malaysia and Indonesia. It was a really relaxed trip, not least because I didn’t have to worry about finding a job when I got back. I already had one!”

Artificial intelligence

For her first rotation Emmely worked in the Mortgage Service tribe, in two different squads. The first one was focused on improving the customer service for a large intermediary. “After that I worked in a new squad where I investigated how artificial intelligence could be used in relation to mortgages. It was really interesting!”


Emmely’s second rotation was in Madrid, in the Change Management Team at Model Bank. “That’s a platform bank for various countries. It’s being built in Madrid but the first launching country for Model Bank was the Czech Republic. I was involved in the implementation of the platform, which also entailed training employees in the Czech Republic so I regularly had to fly there from Spain. I absolutely loved my six months in Madrid! I had a fantastic apartment and I hung out a lot with the other trainees and my Spanish colleagues.”

Turning dreams into reality

And then it was time to choose her first permanent role. “Such a hard decision! There are so many cool things to do. In the end, I chose the Business Lending tribe. It has a nice vibe plus I can learn a lot and help to make a lot of improvements too. I like working for corporate customers; you help them to turn their dreams into reality. I’m a Customer Journey Expert in a squad that’s responsible for guarantees and updates regarding the loans. To give you an example: all premises financed by us that are valued at more than €3 million have to be appraised every three years. We think about how the whole process should be set up, from start to finish. The design process involves close collaboration between the business and IT. More than half of my team are developers, most of whom are based in India. The time difference means that they start work earlier than us, so they’ve usually made a lot of progress by the time I arrive. That means I see something new almost every morning, which is a great way to start the working day!”

About Emmely

Emmely did a bachelor’s degree in Economics & Business Economics at Radboud University in Nijmegen and a master’s in finance at UvA in Amsterdam. She lives with her boyfriend in Utrecht and enjoys meeting up with friends in her spare time. She also hangs out regularly with other trainees; they’ve become a really close-knit group of friends. Emmely grew up in the Twente region of the Netherlands. She has always been keen on sports and used to play volleyball when she was younger but is now more into body balance, fitness and yoga.

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