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Beau Diederen

Six months in the heart of New York’s financial district

Beau joined ING as a Finance trainee almost immediately after graduating in 2017. She started in her first permanent role within Wholesale Banking Finance some time ago.

She was adamant that she wanted to do a traineeship: “The benefits of a traineeship include a strong focus on your personal development and the opportunity to do all kinds of training courses and qualifications. Things can get pretty tough sometimes, though. Thankfully, I passed the compulsory Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) exam.”

Taking the plunge

Another important factor in Beau’s decision for the ING traineeship was the international scope. She did her first rotation in the Netherlands, within Management Accounting for the Domestic Bank, but for her second rotation she got a place in New York to work in the Financial Accounting team within Wholesale Banking. “I was familiar with New York from films and TV, but I had no idea what it would be like to work there, so I just took the plunge. I worked in the heart of the city’s financial district for six months. It was a truly amazing experience. Actually I was pleasantly surprised to discover that it’s less hierarchical than I’d expected. Everyone was very open; my colleagues were happy to show and explain everything to me so that I could learn as much as possible in a short space of time.”

“I had an apartment right in the centre of New York so I could easily walk to work. There were a lot of other ING colleagues – mainly young people – living in the same building. I had a fabulous time there. Even in just six months, you can learn so much about the various financial processes within financial accounting and all the different products that ING offers in the USA. How does the balance sheet look? How do they put together the monthly reports that are sent to HQ? How does an ECB stress test work? I was very sad to leave and I will definitely go back there if I get the chance!”

In the Global Management Information team

Beau has been working in her first permanent role for Wholesale Banking, once again within Management Accounting, since October 2018. “I’m in the Global Management Information team. We take a very high-level look at Wholesale Banking, across all products and all countries. We submit management reports every month, and every quarter we provide input and analysis for the external reporting. I handle a large volume of figures that I receive from the country teams and product teams. As a result, our team has a lot of contact with all the countries where ING is active. Besides that, we support the CFO of Wholesale Banking. The Team Coordinator role rotates; he or she coordinates the quarter-end activities and ensures that all the information is delivered on time. I was given that role in my very first quarter, which was quite a big responsibility! But it meant that I gained a lot of valuable insight straight away, plus I had an experienced colleague as backup if I needed any help.”

While Beau’s current position gives her a complete overview of Wholesale Banking within ING, she thinks she will probably prefer a more specialised role in the future. “But in what area? That’s a pretty difficult decision because there are so many possibilities within ING. It helps to talk to people to gain new ideas. That’s one thing you definitely learn as a trainee, by the way: you have to shape your own future, so it’s best to start thinking about it as soon as possible, because your rotation will be over before you know it.”

About Beau

Beau gained a bachelor’s degree in business economics from Tilburg University and a master’s in accounting & finance from Erasmus University in the city of Rotterdam, where she still lives today. In her free time she enjoys meeting up with friends and daydreaming about future travel destinations. Previous trips have included South Africa and several visits to Asia (and she even lived in Bangkok for a while as a student), but there are still plenty more countries on her ‘dream destination list’.

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