Wander van de Ven

Data science and music – my dream combination

The investment club while at university in Amsterdam first sparked Wander’s interest in the financial world, and a ‘Quantitative Finance Tour’ to London as part of his studies fanned the flames. Besides numbers and data, he has another major passion: music. 26,000 fans on Spotify stand testimony to his creative talent as a singer-songwriter.

“Once I realised that finance is inextricably linked to everything that happens in the world, I desperately wanted to know more. That curiosity, combined with my degree in econometrics and my interest in data, soon led me to ING – especially because ING is such a pioneer in innovation. I had a good feeling about it right from the very first encounter, and my enthusiasm just kept growing as I progressed through the application procedure. I could completely be myself. All the signs were there that this would be a good match, and luckily the click was mutual!”

“For my first assignment, which was in Market Risk, I wrote a user manual for a new model that shows how a change in interest rates will affect our balance sheet and profit & loss account. It was interesting work but largely solitary, which is why I really wanted to be part of a team in my second assignment – and I found the perfect role. In Risk & Capital Integration, I worked in a team alongside highly experienced colleagues to conduct the annual company-wide risk assessment, among other things. It was a huge challenge and I was given lots of responsibility.”

“That was followed by a terrific few months in Singapore. My assignment was at the interface of credit risk and the front office for Wholesale Banking. Everything fell into place; I learnt a huge amount, not least thanks to my manager who involved me in everything that was going on. And Singapore is a fantastic place... the atmosphere, the people, the food – it’s all wonderful. Plus so many great destinations are within easy reach of Singapore. Whereas we might go to Brussels for a weekend, from there you can go to Hong Kong or Bali instead. It was an unforgettable experience and I think it’s amazing that ING makes those kinds of things possible.”

“Back in the Netherlands now, and I started on an assignment within Compliance. It recently became mandatory for all Risk trainees to do a non-financial project, so this was mine. It was interesting because there is still a lot of quantitative expertise to be gained in this field. I worked as a data scientist. My job was to develop a model that alerts us to incorrect interpretations of money laundering transactions. I was really keen to join this team because it’s made up of people who really know a lot about this area..”

Nowadays Wander works as Market Risk Analist: Managing the balance sheet of ING NL by hedging interest rate and liquidity risk in close cooperation with Group Treasury.

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About Wander

Wander did a bachelor’s degree in econometrics at UvA, a minor in coding at UvA/Harvard online and a master’s degree in econometrics at VU. Music is his passion. The Dutch TV show called ‘Giels Talentenjacht’ was a good springboard for him in terms of studio time and contact with songwriters. Wander’s self-penned songs have received airplay on 100% NL and Radio 2 and are available on Spotify.

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