Agree or Disagree? ING employees give their opinion on – sometimes bold – statements used in a worldwide ING campaign and explain their choice. Here are the stories behind the percentages.

At ING we are all equally different

Thatiana partly agrees. “Diversity is very much encouraged within ING. We’re striving to be a place where everyone feels included and to create a safe environment where everyone can be their true self. Even so, I’ve seen certain situations in which team and leadership decisions were affected by unconscious bias. Overall, ING has policies for inclusion but I’d like to see more concrete, objective indicators for recruitment, evaluation and promotion to reduce standard stereotypes.”

Erik believes that diversity is hugely important in a team, because a team in which everyone is roughly the same will result in one-sided products. “As a product owner I make sure that everyone in the team has a voice. A good discussion leads to better-quality solutions and products. My own pet topic is the digital accessibility of applications and websites. Everyone has the right to banking services, so everyone must be able to use your product. We mustn’t exclude anybody.”

Also Marlieke agrees with this statement. “I don’t know anyone at ING I would describe as a ‘typical INGer’. There’s a tremendous variety of people and that’s precisely why I like working here. You learn most when you work with all kinds of different people. And I can be myself too. I sense that freedom very strongly.”

At ING age doesn’t count, ideas do

Marlieke agrees. “When I started at ING I was 25 and the youngest in my team, but that never held me back. ING encourages the younger generations to come up with innovative ideas, for example in an innovation bootcamp. The ideas are examined seriously to assess their feasibility. I was in an international legal think-tank with various – mainly young – colleagues from around the world. We were able to submit our ideas to the International Collaboration Board (comprising all heads of Legal, worldwide). It was fantastic!”

Baris feels the same. “If you come up with good ideas, there’s always scope to investigate them, whether you’ve only just arrived or are somewhat older. I think diversity, including in terms of age, helps you gain different insights, and that in turn improves the quality of your work. If we all thought the same, the solutions just wouldn’t be as good.”

Yukwan says that your opinion is always listened to, whether you’ve just arrived or whether you’ve been with the bank for many years. “People hear what you say, in any case. Colleagues also ask for advice. I’m fairly young and I know a lot about new media, for example, so people regularly come to me if they have questions on that subject.”

At ING, LGBT+ ING go hand-in-hand

Bart strongly agrees on this statement, so he says. “ING is at the forefront and makes a statement with regard to everyone’s inclusiveness, irrespective of preferences of whatever kind. I’m proud of that and it fully matches my world view. It’s great that ING expresses its values and doesn’t allow itself to be driven by possible commercial impact.”

Leonie thinks that ING does well in this respect and also positions itself clearly on this diversity and inclusion. “But ideally it shouldn’t be necessary to pay special attention to this. For me, it’s about who people are and what they do, that’s what matters to me. Your colour, preferences and age are irrelevant. And that’s how ING sees it too, thankfully.“

For risk colleague Niels this statement is related to the question ‘Do you feel at home at ING?’ “It’s of fundamental importance that people can be themselves at work. You can only fulfil your true potential if you can always be the true ‘you’, no matter where you are. Rainbow Lions, ING’s international LGBTQIA+ community, is very active in organising activities for all ING employees. ING is also a founding partner of Workplace Pride and has been a prominent participant in the Canal Parade in Amsterdam for many years. I feel quite privileged to work for an employer that supports so many diversity & inclusion initiatives in order to create a working environment of trust and security for everyone.”

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