When Technology meets Wall Street

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Ever set foot in a Dealing Room? Probably not, as this is the most restricted area in a bank. The place where traders and dealers shape the world’s economy on the stock exchange. The room with a Wall Street atmosphere, where big transactions are taking place, where shares and bonds are traded in every possible currency and huge amounts are being bought and sold.

In other words, the Dealing Room is where the magic happens in a bank. 
And also the place  where the most recent technologies are implemented before being disseminated in any other part of the business.

Agility, nerves, instinct and systems are put at test  every single second.
To keep such a place going, technology is of vital importance.

At ING, the Dealing Room Technology team is located in Amsterdam, Singapore, Brussels and Romania  and together they keep the place up and running.

Summit Deal Capture

ING uses the Misys-built Summit as the global Front Office deal capture and position keeping system for the interest rate and credit businesses. It is used by Sales, Traders, Treasury and Market Risk Management in Amsterdam, New York, Singapore, Bucharest and Brussels.

Complex Financial Risk simulations and pricing calculations are built on Summit, allowing for the build-up of deep knowledge of financial products and simulations as well as database performance tuning skills. Automated integration and testing of new Summit builds from Misys is a key enabler of our agile and continuous delivery goals.

Calypso Deal Settlement

It is the fastest growing IT system for Financial Markets and considered the standard for back-office and middle office activities.

ING currently uses Calypso for critical functions like payments, trade confirmation, collateral management and liquidity management.

We integrate the Calypso system at ING using its extensive customisation and configuration possibilities (i.e. Java API) whilst employing the functionality offered out-of-the-box by Calypso.

This is where you step in: you combine your engineering skills and knowledge of Calypso’s capabilities to design, deliver, maintain and support the system providing continuous business value to our stakeholders. Calypso users from Amsterdam, Brussels, London, New York, Manila, Sydney, Istanbul, and more depend on you and your colleagues from the five Global Calypso DevOps teams in Amsterdam and Singapore.

Innovation is part of our team’s DNA. It is inextricably linked with every aspect of the bank and supports all of its internal (i.e. data analytics, anomaly detection, performance prediction) and external processes.

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