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Laura Dobre

How was the {Dev}School experience?

{Dev} School was the perfect context to discover more about SQL technology. Being surrounded by other students who are passionate about technology and acquiring new knowledge, under the coordination of a trainer that inspired us to work with databases made {Dev}School an awesome learning experience. {Dev}School offered me the chance to become part of ING, therefore I consider the decision to take part, one of the best I’ve ever made.

{Dev}School was a beautiful experience entirely - from the way we were introduced the concepts and the proposed exercises to the atmosphere created by the team – we were all excited to meet again at our evening classes.  {Dev}School brought me new friends, some of who are now my colleagues.

Why would you recommend {Dev}School to a student?

{Dev}School offers a different perspective than the one we receive in school. Here students have the opportunity to experiment with a new technology (Microsoft) that the one studied in school (Oracle), to deepen concepts previously studied, to practice theoretical knowledge on real-life examples, to learn that Visual Studio is not only used for programming but also to work with the data, to discover the utility and advantages of a cube as a method of organizing data, etc.

Also, {Dev}School is a good opportunity to discover more about the ING culture and to socialise with like-minded people.

How is life at ING?

Starting July 2016, I have been part of the MIBI team that delivers Business Intelligence solutions to facilitate managerial decisions. My team, MILS (Management Information Lending Services), has a clear purpose: to build a solution that highlights the significant loans made by legal entities from around the world at ING. In order to do this, we process data from multiple sources and organize them in cubes; this way we can build the required business reports.

When I arrived at ING, I expected to find the typical atmosphere of a Romanian organization like my parents described in their stories. I was pleasantly surprised to find that ING was different: colleagues were friendly and willing to help, managers were interested about our well-being and were constantly asking what they could do to make our experience as pleasant as possible. Overall ING is a great place to work.

What do I enjoy most about ING culture? The fact that people of different nationalities work together to achieve the common goal of always being "one step ahead" and transforming ING into the next generation digital bank.

People who work here are very open-minded and friendly, regardless of age, nationality or experience. I love my team, we are all friends, it's very easy to communicate openly and I really enjoy my time with them. We have a Whatsapp group where we have a lot of fun, we do mini-championships of Darts and celebrate our results with sweets. Once every few months we go to Amsterdam, to our Dutch colleagues, to share knowledge and work together.

How would you explain your role in ING to a 10-year-old?

When my brother, who is 9 years younger than me, asked me what am I doing in my job, I told him that I collect data or information about companies who need financial help from ING and then I’m transforming all the data into reports with images and charts, so that my colleagues can decide if it's OK or not to get a loan from ING.

If you were to save the world with an app…

I think a useful application would be to monitor how the loans are consumed by corporate clients. For example, if a client accesses a loan to make an investment to protect nature/environment he will receive an incentive as a reward; instead, if the purpose of using money is detrimental to mankind, the application should alert him and show him the negative effects of his actions and maybe he will reconsider his plans. I don’t think the world can be saved by an app, but it's possible that an app can change the world, make it a better place for humankind.

Let’s say you wrote your first SF book. What would you call it?

“Today's failure is tomorrow's success” would be the title I would give to my first SF book. A series of historical arguments that would help people understand that they can accomplish things that they once considered SF and who would urge the world to capitalize on imagination and creativity for the purpose of evolution, while also offering the hope that dreams can become a reality if you believe in them. Creativity is what changes our lives for the better and makes good turn into great. The book would be a long lasting guide for the future.

Describe in just 5 words the most recent picture in your phone.

Friends, Smiley, Targoviste, childhood, joy - picture taken back in my hometown. 

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