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Lidia Istoc

Walk us through your career path in ING (from your first role to the current one)

I joined ING 2 years ago in the role of System Support Specialist and since last year I am a Chapter Lead within the same team.

How is Life @ ING? (Especially from a learning experience point of view)

My favorite project was the internship program for students, where I’ve been involved in every step of the process, from technical test design and interviews together with the HR team to program design and training delivery. This has been a learning experience for me, being involved for the first time in this kind of projects. And I enjoyed having an impact in the learning experience of our students. Of course, the project can be improved, but the lessons learned will be applied for this purpose

How would you explain your role as a Chapter Lead to a 7-year-old?

I would say that my job is to make people happy. My team helps our „Excel Superheroes” , who work with a lot of papers and tables, by making their tasks easier. We do this with the help of apps, with the help of which colleagues can press some buttons so that all those papers and tables fill in automatically.

This way we save the trees as they don’t use so much paper and they are happy to go back home to their 7-year-old children.

If you were to recommend ING to a friend, what would you say about the organization?

ING made me love the orange color, which I initially, thought it was the ugliest color in the world.  I feel that ING creates the opportunity to constantly learn new things and I am very happy to be part of a company with such a beautiful organizational culture.

If you were to save the world with an app…

I would create an app with a big database full of good deeds. This app would send people everyday a reminder encouraging them to do a good deed, along with a message which would help people understand that change always begins with us. Of course, I would request the right to name it Instagram so that people would install it and use it frequently.

Let’s say you wrote your first SF book. What would you call it?

Quarantine in a studio in the middle of Bucharest, without a balcony when it’s sunny outside. 😊

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