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Thi-Giang-Ngan Trinh

How was the {Dev}School experience?

While being a trainee in {Dev}School – SQL Edition (for 3 months = 24 sessions), I have learnt many, many things about T-SQL, SSIS, SSAS. It was a great learning experience!

{Dev}School was an intensive hands-on training programme. The learning environment was extremely nice, my colleagues were active and collaborative and our trainer was committed. 

What does {Dev}School offer to a student?

{Dev}School it’s a programme that will offer a student plenty of interesting technology know-how.

You will take part in an intensive and well-handled training programme. Here you will experiment immediate knowledge and you will have alongside nice people willing to help you with your learning experience.

Therefore, if you have good results, from being a trainee, you can soon become an ING employee.

How’s Life @ ING?

ING won my heart while I was a trainee and continues to do so, as a full employee. All the colleagues that I collaborated with seem to be happy here and excited about their projects. And I lovee to work with such professional people.

Here, in ING Tech everyone’s opinion is important. And you are fully empowered to pick the kind of professional development you want for yourself. 

The project I liked the most, until now, was a business intelligence project - Bulgarian Operational Local Regulatory Reporting, aimed for operational reports automation. I took part in it and developed the solution. Due to this project, I enhanced the technical knowledge on business intelligence and my communication skills, as well.

How would you explain your role in ING to a 10-year-old?

My work here consists of making graphics and numbers from all areas make sense together;  and you can seem them how they shape, in real time, with just one click.

If you were to save the world with an app…

I am afraid that just a single app can’t save the world, because there are certain situations when the people that need help, can’t reach it because they don’t have the technology to do so.

But it would be great to develop a platform with tutorials and well-structured courses, for all sorts of business areas, for every age and for every language speaker.

I really think education will change the world, this is why, anyone, no matter the social status, age, gender, hometown, can learn online what suits him/her best.

Let’s say you wrote your first SF book. What would you call it?

The revenge of emotions

Describe in just 5 words the most recent picture in your phone

(The) right person at (the) right time.

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