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Virgil Nastase

Walk us through your career path in ING (from your first role to the current one)

Can I skip this question? J Just joking. The exact answer would be 19 years. What can I say ...time flies. I started as a clerk in Ploiesti, then IT Assistant, then I coordinated the IT in the branches, then the IT infrastructure, followed by project management (also in IT) and finally software development @ING Tech. I'm using “finally”, because programming is passion of mine since I was 15 years old.

How is Life @ ING? (especially from a learning experience point of view)

Clearly, my favorite project is ING Tech. For sure, I had many learning experiences in ING Bank, but nothing compares to what I’m experimenting in ING Tech. The last 2 years were so challenging and intense – imagine a startup that’s transforming into a corporation while keeping its entrepreneurial culture intact. Then add the local labor market context. Unique, right? It's a great mix of authenticity and speed and I believe we're all lucky to be part of this journey.

How would you explain your role as an IT Area Lead @ ING Tech to a 7-year-old?

We are looking for talented and ambitious people who want to redefine the world. We believe in teamwork and we’re learning to accelerate continuously. Our mission? To develop applications that make our lives simple and exciting.

If you were to recommend ING to a friend, what would you say about the organization?

People, passion, talent, enthusiasm and a little madness. J

If you were to save the world with an app…

Disasters almost always arrive unexpectedly. An app that could alert users about future disasters such as earthquakes, meteorite striking or volcanic eruptions would surely be useful.

I can also think of an assistant for lonely people - a friend (actually an intelligent computer operating system) that would be capable to learn and develop based on people’s needs.

Let’s say you wrote your first SF book. What would you call it?

AI – The Final Revolution

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