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Andrei Adamescu

Walk us through your career path in ING (from your first role to the current one)

My career path started in 2006 when I joined ING in order to work on a project called "Know your customer" (a.k.a. CDD - customer due diligence).

After that, my journey continued with two other roles: Data Legal Verification Officer and Coordinator Data Legal Verification, until I became Project Manager, in 2009.  

How is Life @ ING? (especially from a learning experience point of view)

It’s dynamic. I would say that I have quite a few projects I enjoy: SEPA EUR & SEPA RON, and PSD2 (European Payment Services Directive is trending right now) and these are just in the past 2 years.  :-)

Imagine all the other projects I’ve been involved in.

How would you explain your role as a Sr. Project Manager to a 7-year-old?

Projects are like puzzles. My job is to gather all the relevant people and create a logic in order to put all the pieces together.

If you were to recommend ING to a friend, what would you say about the organisation?

I would pick 5 words: modern, fit, flexible, dynamic, positive.

If you were to save the world with an app…

I would call it “Garbage Can” – where everyone can monitor (obviously, in a subjective matter) how much food & stuff they are throwing away.

Let’s say you wrote your first SF book. What would you call it?

“Moon shines like the Sun”. This would be a 473 pages book. :-)

And here is the plot: explorers find out that the Moon’s core it’s made of inflammable gas and because an experiment went bad, that made the Moon “shines” like the Sun and changed its course.

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