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Madalina Sarafu

How was the {Dev}School experience?

The {Dev}School launch was the perfect timing! While I was a trainee in {Dev}School programme, I met people willing to explain us things about their work, about their working environment; and as a student, this kind of information is great.

One of the things I most appreciated was the trainers’ attitude towards us: we were like working colleagues for them, not just some regular students. We were lucky enough to have great people around us.”

What does {Dev}School offer to a student?

The nice working environment and the flexible schedule (2 working sessions/week, on Tuesday and on Thursday, 3h/session) are the main aspects to recommend {Dev}School to a student. Don’t imagine a classic and dull learning environment. I’ve learned a lot here, we had a great collaboration, both with the colleagues and with the trainer.

How’s Life @ ING?

The team that I am part of (Application Development Internet & Mobile) is the one that develops ING Home’Bank and all its functionalities. I had the great opportunity to contribute in many working processes for Home’Bank. New functionalities are constantly released and you may think that these functionalities are difficult to approach if you consider automated testing.

For example, my case, as a Jr. Quality Assurance Specialist: automated testing for fingerprint authentication. But if you keep an open communication with your colleagues, you always find a solution. I have learned that “think outside the box” is a good approach.

I really like that there are plenty of personal and professional opportunities: courses, trainings, conferences, even hackathons. And they all presume communication and fun activities. Life @ ING is the perfect mix.

How would you explain your role in ING to a 10-year-old?

I would tell one to think about a thing that would be very difficult to carry off well without. If this thing would not operate correctly, one would be really upset…

We don’t want this to happen, that is why some professional colleagues from ING constantly verify how this thing operates, before one using it. This verification is made through a quick and computerized process.

If you were to save the world with an app…

People need more altruism. Even if this means knowledge, money, entertainment ideas – it would be the ideal situation to use only one app for all areas. Its name would be  “Sharing is caring”.

Let’s say you wrote your first SF book. What would you call it?

I would call it “Mirror World”. It would be a challenge consisting of multiple perspectives and multiple choices.

Describe in just 5 words the most recent picture in your phone

Coffee, sunrise, mountain, holiday, smile

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