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Oana Filip

I was an employee there only for a few months and the team believed in me and supported me.

Tell us something about you

My name is Oana and I am part of the ING Digital Integration squad as Product Owner in the Business Banking segment. My colleagues and I are responsible with speeding up the digitalization process within this area.

I joined the team in 2008 and started as a trainee in Retail Banking, where I worked in product development for Home’Bank. Subsequently, I switched to Business Banking because I wanted to see how other bank departments work. Here I handled product offers for legal entities (SMEs) and I learned how to develop a product from idea to project.

The rest of my personal time is spent with my two children, who recognize all ING commercials and encourage me to buy toys (obviously) so that they can help me pay with my phone or smartwatch.

Besides that, I enjoy simple things, I miss travelling, feeling the wind and the sun, meeting new people and discovering beautiful places. At the same time, I won’t say no to a movie on Netflix or to an interesting book (even if it’s creative writing, motivational books or books about children).

Why ING International Talent Programme – Track X/ Management trainee programme?

I saw the announcement by accident on the notice board from my university, in a time where opportunities communicated online were not that accessible. I remember the ING logo was quite familiar to me and I was determined to look for more information. That is how I ended up applying for the job on the last day open for registrations.

At the time, you were directed to the business line they thought suits you after taking the interview. They recommended me the second option on my list. I was not very thrilled about it, but it turned out to be good experience, especially since the retail area was just starting and the team was open minded, enthusiast and ready to help and improve things.

Tell us your favorite story from your ITP journey/ Management trainee programme journey?

It is hard for me to pick one story. I have many good memories I am fond of and that defined my career. The trainee program which I enjoyed so much and which I promote every time I have a chance. I remember the first banking product I contributed for. I was an employee there only for a few months and the team believed in me and supported me. In a short period of time we managed to give the clients the possibility to open fixed-term deposits via Home’Bank, products which were not available at that time. That was the moment I realized that product development and product management suit me.

When it comes to the international part of the program, each meeting with the colleagues was a beautiful experience. The first edition was the one who had the highest impact on me, where around 200 trainees from all around the world met. I remember we were eager to have a conversation with the ING group CEO from that time. We spent hours figuring out how to convince him and then we created a video with a short moment from each participant. The CEO saw the video and our efforts were rewarded, as by the end of the program we got to meet and speak with him.

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