Silvia Dumitrascu

Walk us through your career path in ING (from your first role to the current one)

There is a magic number involved: 3

I joined ING 3 years ago as a Performance advertising expert in the Marketing team; after a while, I developed communication campaigns with the ING Home’Bank team, and now I manage Content on Social Media and the Website .

How is Life @ ING? (especially from a learning experience point of view)

Rumor has it that projects bring learning opportunities. I’ve picked an example that proves that small projects can bring grand learnings. It was the first advertising campaign for ING Home’Bank – its unofficial name is “the stopwatch campaign”.

This campaign was a big opportunity for me to learn about clients’ needs and to develop an effective performance strategy with the ING Home’Bank team.

How would you explain your role as a Manager Content, Social Media & Website in ING Bank to a 7-year-old?

I would explain as follows: “I show and share stories – stories about how adults get rid of all their worries, about how money can be transferred just by staying at home; but you should know that these stories are actually longer, some last even a few months… but don’t you worry, these stories have a lot of pictures and illustrations :) And all of them have their place assigned on, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram.”

If you were to recommend ING to a friend, what would you say about the organisation?

I would pick a few words to describe ING: creative, fast-paced, diverse, engaging, rewarding.

If you were to save the world with an app…

My top of mind app is called "Asteroid Data Hunter App".

It’s been announced by NASA some time ago and its purpose was to help amateur astronomers share their dilettanti images with Harvard’s Department of Astronomy. On a purely practical level, the amateur astronomers would become the planet Earth’s protectors.

I strongly believe that all apps contribute to our well-being: the ones that warn us against dangers (on a macro level - such as earthquakes, floods, hurricanes) or the ones that purely help us daily (on a micro level – such as fitness apps, money management apps).

The key message we have to take from all of these is that we should take action in real life, as well, not only digitally.

Let’s say you wrote your first SF book. What would you call it?

I would like to mention Freddie’ saying: "Who wants to live forever".

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