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Flexible shedules and fun perks? We've got it

ICSROM -  6 essential tips for beginning your career

6 essential tips for beginning your career

Are you at the beginning of your journey? Then it is the best time to test different learning experiences, roles or projects.

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ICSROM -  Work Environment

Work Environment

Imagine a place where learning meets fun. Here, great mentors and enthusiast colleagues will help you understand how banks work and during the breaks they’ll challenge you to a Xbox game. Intrigued?

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ICSROM -  Do you and ING Match

Do you and ING match?

Play the game and solve the 14 “dilemmas”, some from day to day life and others, exceptional situations. For each dilemma, you will be asked to pick one of the two possible solutions. We recommend playing the game on the mobile/tablet.

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ICSROM -  Our ING Story

Here's our ING story

You can find out more about the ING culture, our games, our ideas and where does the inspiration comes from.

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