Retail Banking Track

Retail Banking Track

The ING International Talent Programme is a tailor-made 4 year graduate programme. Simply bring your skills, values and personality. In return we will provide you with a structured level of training and guidance to open up exciting growth opportunities. Personal and professional.

Could you bring better banking to millions of people?

That’s what the Retail Banking Track of the ING International Talent Programme is all about. Every step of the way you’ll be coached in all there is to know about retail banking in the 21st century. You’ll acquire real expertise, develop new skills, access valuable networks and decide the goals you want to aim for. Starting with a challenging orientation phase of 12 to 18 months, you’ll be assigned to high profile projects or jobs in different environments. After that, you move on to your first position with ING Bank which is quite likely a management position.

Get to know Retail Banking

No aspect of banking impacts on our daily lives more than retail banking. Every time you earn, spend or send money, the bank is there to make it possible and assist you. So, you already know something of what retail banking is about. Now take a moment to magnify that involvement at the consumer level across billions of transactions for millions of people every day. Imagine the challenge. Imagine its future!

The Retail Banking Track is your chance to help us reinvent retail. What does the future hold? Will internet banking entirely replace traditional banking offices? Will mobile phone banking outspace internet banking? Will mobile payments be favoured over card payments?

This Track allows you to combine commercial instincts with analytical skills such as assessing marketing data and process flows. Get the combination right and you could soon be heading for a management position.

Track timeline

First challenge

There’s every chance that you will start with a commercial role in the retail domain, such as a Product Manager or Marketing Specialist. You could be investigating our first time home owners retail activities, and advising senior management on how to improve the proposition and communication to this client base.

Second challenge

For the second project you might be exposed to a more process-oriented environment. For example, residential mortgages are often long processes with many interdependencies. You could find yourself advising us on how to make these more efficient for customers and banks alike. For some of the products a long-term approach is required, as well as the ability to think through a wide range of future developments. Strong analytical skills are essential, but insight and instinct are no less important.

Fast track to management

Learn on the job what it means to set clear directions and to be leading in responding to new market circumstances. Retail is a business where it is quite likely that you could be working as a manager after your rotational period. For example, we have a strong network of branch offices where ING Bank professionals provide expert financial advice to individual customers. Before you know it you could be managing a team of dedicated colleagues.

Currently, this track is not active.

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