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20 January 2020 ... min read Listen

Domain Architect | MidCorps

Employee | Information Technology | Professional | 2020-01-20 | 058393



On a general note, Domain Architects design and maintain the current & target architecture for your domain, create EPIC solution approaches, guide Feature Solution Approach development, manage architectural debts and trigger new architectural decisions as required. They provide guidance from an architectural perspective to tribe leadership and engineers.

With this in mind, your key scope will be to coordinate architecture activities for incremental changes (maintaining and extending existing solutions) and innovative changes (conceiving new solutions for emerging opportunities) for Mid-Corporate Banking; from idesign, advise and presentation of (target) architectures and roadmaps, You will take point.


[Day to Day]

Defines and manages loosely coupled and scale-able Domain Architecture (end-to-end chains), that is adaptive to change, with sufficient demarcation and decoupling points to other domains; 

Breaks down desired (business) themes into epics and features, that can be further refined into implementable stories along with the Feature Engineer. Defines backlog items to further improve the quality of the domain;

Defines realistic and ambitious Implementation Roadmap, also taking non-functional requirements into account; 

Owns the integration of the services and platforms across the domain, optimizing functional and non-functional requirements and reducing complexity and technical debt; 

Designs, aligns, matures and realizes all (application) interfaces of his domain, including the required IT chain; 

Provides guidance to Engineers, managers and teams/squads for the domain, by describing design patterns in Cookbooks together with the Engineering discipline. Describes how these best practices can actually be implemented in practice; 

Is responsible for Quarterly Business Review (QBR) items (3 quarters) and signs off quarterly plans and/or Change Governance Documents (CGD);

Ensures that the architecture is implemented according to plan, minimizing technical/tactical debt. Escalates to management if necessary


[Your “backpack” should contain]

Solution\Enterprise Architecture experience (ideally in Banking sector);

In-depth knowleadge of Java & .NET frameworks, hand-in-hand with expertise in middleware and messaging platforms like JBoss, WSO2, RabbitMQ, Kafka

Experience w/cloud enabling tech: Docker, Kubernetes, Openshift

Experience and understanding of SQL and noSQL databases.

Passion for low code development platforms;

Understanding of functional patterns & reactive architecture (AKKA)


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Please be aware that the recruitment procedures, (labour) regulations and labour agreements of Romania apply.

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