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21 January 2020 ... min read Listen

Scala Development Engineer - Competent

Contract de muncă | Wholesale Banking | Nivel mediu | 2020-01-20 | 058672

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We are looking for strong development experts with a passion for functional programming, who can help us set new standards with functional programming and reactive architectures using Scala and Akka, while building a next gen global payments processing system as a greenfield project using Lean Agile methodologies.

Our team is positioned well to disrupt towards the lean enterprise and prove that modern technologies and methodologies are feasable even for large organizations, while developing a solution that will sit at the core of payments processing in a multitude of countries, and we are looking for likeminded professionals who would take pride in such achievments, while enjoying a strong chance to become ING’s next thuoght leaders in the Reactive Architectures and Functional programming space on an international scale. 


Some of the competencies required for this role would include: 

  • Solid understanding of Scala or other functional programming languages. Java understanding also a plus.
  • Solid understanding of functional programming & OOP concepts
  • The strong foundational knowledge and ability to adapt to new technologies and paradigms that are often found in development experts are considered more important than most missing nice to haves in this list
  • Experience working with the JVM, Maven, sbt is an obvious plus
  • Experience building high throughput, low latency, real time, scalable & resilient systems
  • Experience with Akka, Akka Streams, Docker, OpenShift, Kubernetes, Azure Devops, SQL Server, Kafka, Cassandra, Linux a big plus
  • Experience working within Continuous Delivery or Continuous Deployment processes
  • Understanding of the benefits of TDD/BDD & discipline towards these practices
  • Good communication skills, awareness towards emotional intelligence factors and excellent ability to speak & write English

 What we offer:  

  • Competitive Pay providing both options for full-time employment + benefits & bonus or contract based engagements
  • 2+ days per week Work From Home;
  • Highly flexible working hours; Choice of Mac or Windows based work laptops
  • A modern & agile environment where you can grow while working on critical, high visibility projects within a 50 000+ people organization
  • Opportunity to work with and receive training on relevant technologies & methodologies; Opportunities to help others grow
  • The other usual IT perks: gym/transport/parking/ping pong type of stuff

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Please be aware that the recruitment procedures, (labour) regulations and labour agreements of România apply.

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