Do you know how to balance opportunity with risk?

As a Risk trainee, you’ll be working on strategies to manage and prevent risks to our business. The financial consequences are big, the margin for error tiny. Up to the challenge?

Risk management: essential to our future

In today’s financial world, careful risk management has never been more important. Our future - and the safety of our customers’ money - depends on it. That’s why Risk functions are embedded at every level of ING worldwide.

Make a difference from day one

Expect to be contributing from the first day of your traineeship. You’ll learn how to assess risk right across our business – from the risk of borrower’s defaulting on loans, to risks associated with the investments we make. We’ll need you to estimate the potential impact to our business and draw up strategies to balance that risk with investment and capital.

A career in Risk demands analytical skill and the resolve to stand by big decisions. One false move could lead to massive losses for our business and our customers. If you’re comfortable with this level of responsibility, we’d like to hear from you.

Application criteria for Australia

  • Bachelor's degree
  • Maximum of two years of work experience
  • Fluent in English
  • Extra-curricular activities (such as board or committee experience, volunteer work, internships) to prove your leadership development and affinity with the track you applied for

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