Dieudonné Ligbado

I am constantly learning

“After spending 15 years in the Securities Department of my former employer, I applied for a job at ING in early 1998, at a time when it was still known as Crédit Européen. In May 1998 I joined the Master Files Securities Unit, also known as “Base Valeurs”. I worked in this department for 12 years.

In April 2010, I seized a new opportunity within ING Luxembourg: having always worked in Back Office roles, but being increasingly keen to experience new challenges, I joined the Head Office Branch Team.

Here, in the Front Office, the work is highly varied and I learn new things every day. Given the extensive contact with clients, both on the telephone and face to face, this position has taught me to handle commercial relationships with particular careand to listen to the clients so as to be able to provide the appropriate response to each of their questions and requests.

I have undergone a number of specific training courses to accelerate my integration into my new environment. I am particularly fortunate in having access to knowledgeable and helpful colleagues, and it is thanks to them that I am able to discover the different aspects of this activity: I am constantly learning.

Thanks to the team spirit and the positive working atmosphere, which is conducive to communication, I am making rapid progress, both from a commercial and a relational point of view. For me, every day is a challenge which enables me to learn more”. 

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