Tips for applications

You would like to apply for one of the positions on offer, but want to make sure your CV is up to date first? No need to panic! This page contains tips for exactly that.

What do you need? A good CV is one that suits you! Be aware that the form is just as important as the content. Here are our tips, based on a CV outline that you should not follow.

  • For better legibility, let your CV breathe! Avoid blocks of text or, the opposite, experiences with too few details!
  • Avoid copy-pasting from the internet – what we are looking for is, on the one hand, originality and, on the other hand, that you stand by your experiences and show us what is special to you!
  • Pay attention to spelling! Errors will always look bad to recruiters.
  • Instead of centring your text, try the option “Justify”.
  • Originality is good, but using a clear and uniform format is better. Along those same lines, avoid too many “flashy” colours!
  • If you feel you must justify the holes in your CV, avoid personal details.
  • Present your professional experiences in a chronological order (decreasing) to simplify legibility.
  • Draw attention to your achievements as well as how you achieved them! It will make your profile seem more valuable!
  • There should be a connection to the position that you are applying for in your profile!
  • Erase the unnecessary! Are all your professional experiences really necessary?
  • It is important that your interests show that you are open-minded. Small tip: Highlight interests that make you look good!

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