Corporate Audit Services

The Corporate Audit Services department is one of the bank’s support departments. Made up of a team of around ten people, this service is responsible for the fulfilment of the bank’s goals regarding control efficiency.

What does it do?

The Corporate Audit Services department’s main mission is to evaluate operations efficiency, which helps in risk limitation and in the improvement of the bank’s operations in general.

Its mission is very broad: to identify all potential risks that could have an impact on the realisation of the bank’s strategic goals. This process consists of a number of steps. Among these are risk identification and analysis, implementation of improvement suggestions to aid the different departments to realise their goals, and strengthening checks.

Everything (products, projects, activities, etc.) is checked to ensure that both legal and strategic requirements are being met.

Our auditors benefit from an independent function and, more often than not, work on inter-departmental projects with all sections of the bank.

What skills are necessary?

To work in the Corporate Audit Services department is to work in a versatile and dynamic team. Stringency, analytical and organisational skills, as well as good interpersonal skills are a necessity here.


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