Credit Risk Management

ING Luxembourg’s Credit Risk Management department aims to ensure that the bank maintains the best possible level of overview of its credit risks. 13 people comprise the Credit Risk Management team, divided into three sub-teams: “Analysis & Decision”, “Restructuring & Recovery” and “Credit Risk Support”.

Analysis & Decision

Credit analysts aid in all commercial situations and can, in certain cases, intervene in the decision-making process depending on the size of the client’s investment.

With their expertise in credit matters, the team also assists the entire commercial network. Furthermore, they critically assess the risks the bank takes with new credit requests, changes to existing credit agreements, or the annual review of commitments.

This approach follows the credit policy (both local and ING group) strictly.

Credit Restructuring & Recovery Unit (CRRU)

CRRU is charged with tracking risks relating to the bank’s traditional portfolio. Its main objective is to prevent potential losses for counterparty clients.

Moreover, CRRU detects and identifies cases that present a risk to the bank and analyses potential losses. By reacting efficiently and conscientiously, they attempt to minimise or, if possible, completely avoid these losses, while, of course, working within the framework of the law. Finally, they manage issues relating to outstanding credit, including managing securities.

Credit Risk Support

The Credit Risk Support team’s main assignment is to aid in the effective management of the bank’s credit activities. Its primary tasks consist in applying the group’s credit concepts to ING Luxembourg as effectively and coherently as possible and relaying information back to the group.


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