Financial Markets

Financial Markets gives ING Luxembourg a strong presence in financial markets, which allows the bank to offer its clients a wide range of products.

What does it do?

Financial Markets focuses on two main activities: financial intermediation for clients and trading in the name of the bank.

FM sales Desk oversees the issuing and sale of structured products and derivatives between the bank and its clients, in collaboration with a number of other departments:

  • ING group trading and structuring desks
  • Departments in direct contact with clients (Wholesale Banking, etc.)
  • Support departments (Risk Management, etc.)
  • Trading and structuration desks of ING Groupe

    The FX and FX Derivatives Desk manages foreign exchange risk for the bank (fx-spot, fx-forward, OTC, etc.). This activity is split up into pricing, execution, and covering of foreign currency exchange operations for bank clients and for the bank itself.

    The Credit Bonds desk deals in deals in the bond market in Sovereign and Corporate bonds. It works to realise sales/ acquisitions for bank clients (Private Banking mostly) and for the bank itself.

    What skills?

    Working in Financial Markets means taking on a strategically important role for a number of departments. The different positions in Financial Markets require, among other things, the following skills: dealing with pressure, stringency, autonomy, sense of responsibility, and leadership.


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