Comprising 100 employees, the IT department is an essential support service for the bank.

Its mission

The department offers support to the bank by providing IT solutions corresponding to the strategic needs of the businesses, generating value, and limiting IT costs and risk.

IT presents itself as a primary partner to the businesses by adopting a projected-oriented approach in perfect synergy with the ING group.

Its activities

IT is composed of 3 services. These are :

Applications and Projects Management (APM), the primary mission of which is to deliver and maintain IT applications (respecting budgetary and time constraints) which will serve to help the different businesses in their day-to-day dealings.

Information Technology Services (ITS), which is charged with setting up the technical platform to respond to the needs and strategies of the bank. ITS always takes care to live up to the group’s high standards, respect the allocated budget, and develop infrastructure in place through systems and network engineering.

IT security, which deals in security solutions regarding IT systems and identity and access management.


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