Marketing & Direct Channels

The Marketing & Direct Channels department works to support the Bank’s positioning strategy as an innovative and customer centric organization.

Its activities

They provide marketing and communication related services to the different business lines and by doing so they support their sales objectives.

They generate brand, product and services awareness both off and online. Their events and sponsoring strategy contributes to the commercial strategy of the Bank and to the position, perception and visibility of ING Luxembourg.

They support ING’s vision to be the customers’ main financial partner by collecting the customers’ feedback, analysing and drawing conclusions to continuously improve our products and services.

The maxim “direct if possible, advice when needed” drives their efforts in designing and developing the multichannel distribution strategy of ING.

As gatekeepers of the brand and of the corporate message, they promote and safeguard the good corporate reputation of the bank and they raise awareness and understanding of ING’s strategy, values, results and actions with a unique tone of voice.

They coordinate messages to the staff and provide a platform for internal communication needs.


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