The Payments department is in charge of providing all the bank’s customers with a high quality service at a cost and risk level in line with its commitments.

Our teams

Around 45 people work in this department. They are divided into 6 teams handling payment instructions, money transactions (Visa and V-Pay cards), collections and payment claims and supporting the various electronic systems used by our customers (MultiLine, My ING, SWIFT).

Our activities

The Payments department acts as the Business partner of the CIB and Retail Banking teams in terms of their commercial activities and strategic objectives.

As part of their remit, the teams in the Payments department process all the payment methods used by the bank and its customers (internal, domestic and international incoming and outgoing funds in foreign currency and EUR).

The department manages all issuing and monitoring of bank cards (management and dispatch of cards, processing card blocks, etc.). The teams deal with all claims and fraud files and assist all the sales and marketing staff in their operational and commercial processing transactions connected with Payments.

The Payments department also installs and monitors our customers’ use of online payment software.

Lastly, it continuously monitors the correct operation of all the payment systems and processes payment claims on a daily basis.


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