Run by a small 3-person team, the main purpose of the Procurement department is to manage and optimise the bank’s external expenditure.

Part of the Finance, Corporate Tax and Procurement department, it reports to both the CFO of ING Luxembourg and its functional business line Global Procurement Bank based at ING Netherlands.

Its activities

Procurement is in charge of the end-to-end procurement process: it formulates procedures (management of calls for tender, etc.), implements them and ensures that they are complied with.

It also supports the business lines in selecting the optimal product/service at the optimal cost. Everything is done as quickly as possible, in compliance with the applicable rules and standards.

To achieve its objectives, Procurement works in close collaboration with various stakeholders:

  • Its customers: the ING Luxembourg departments with a dedicated budget to ensure that the bank operates correctly: IT, Facility Management, Human Resources, Marketing/Communication, Training.
  • The Non Financial Risks departments whose job is to ensure compliance with the various internal and external regulations: Compliance, Operational Risk Management, Information Risk Management, Legal, etc.
  • Its counterparties: ING’s suppliers and partners


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