Wholesale and Institutionnal Banking

The Wholesale and Institutional Banking department is one of the bank’s most important departments with regards to business activities.

What does it do?

The Wholesale and Institutional Banking department was founded to aid companies, financial institutions, and governmental bodies to find the capital necessary to their development. To this end, a variety of products and services have been made available, such as financing, treasury management services, etc.

This unit of the bank is comprised of a number of divisions. This allows for the broadest and most effective range of services for companies, be they multinationals, or local businesses:

  • As part of the Wholesale Banking service, Relationship Managers offer their expertise to businesses and institutions with regards to the managements of their funds.  
  • The Corporate and Real Estate Finance division is responsible for guiding multinationals based in Luxembourg and offering them tailor-made solutions for their future real estate projects in Luxembourg.
  • The Midcorp and Institutions teams work together with national businesses and institutions to offer them advice, as well as financing, cash management, or leasing services.
  • The Financial Institutions team is responsible for the management of insurance and investment companies.
  • Last, but not least, the department has created a team focused on capital investment companies, the main objectives of which range anywhere from opening a bank account for the company to managing all financial transactions relating to the acquisition or sale of a company.

    What we’re looking for

    Working in the Wholesale and Institutional Banking department means working in an international environment which demands both stringency and a strong sense of responsibility. Furthermore, in depth knowledge and know-how in the banking sector are an absolute must.


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