Live in Luxembourg

The big day has arrived; you have decided to move to Luxembourg. Don’t be fooled by its small size: Luxembourg is a country full of resources.

Some figures

Its population is higher than 540,000 and almost half of the people are of foreign origins. Even though the official languages are Luxembourgish, French, and German, English is still very common, as are a number of other languages.

Luxembourg has become one of the 5 primary financial markets in Europe. It is also an important strategic position within Europe due to the fact that many European institutions are based here (European Court of Justice, European Parliament, the European Commission, etc.).

Cultural life in Luxembourg

The cultural scene is very vibrant. Be it for dance, theatre, or opera, everything is available to you! There are always concerts going on, as well as open air festivals at which you can find all kinds of new musical directions. If you want to see museums and exhibitions, or just enjoy the local architecture, with its mix of old and new, Luxembourg offers it all.

More of a sporty type? Whether it be for individual or team sports, Luxembourg has a huge number of teams always looking for new members. Luxembourg loves its sporting events – why not try the very popular ING Night Marathon?

Less of an urbanite? Luxembourg offers some of the most striking landscapes in all of Europe, within just minutes of the city.

Good to know

You don’t even need a car in Luxembourg! The bus and train networks have been specifically developed to accommodate the numerous frontier-workers. Luxembourg has set itself the objective of reducing automobile usage (to be replaced by public transport) by 25% by 2020. The bicycle is also a viable travel alternative in Luxembourg with its bicycle rental services and its enormous network of bicycle paths.

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