Onboarding program and integration

The first day at a new company will always be nerve-wracking: finding out about a new company, a new building, new colleagues, a new position, etc. are all experiences that can make even the most confident new employee a little bit reticent.

ING Luxembourg is working on dealing with these difficulties by developing an approach to “new joiners” that will help them to find their footing at the bank. Essentially, it consists of an onboarding program, meetings, required training programs, and other services to guide new employees during their first 18 months at the company.

All of these steps can be found in a document that is sent to every new joiner upon arrival. Here are some of the steps:

All of these steps can be found in a document that is sent to every new joiner upon arrival. Here are some of the steps:.

1. HR Welcome@ING

New employees will be welcomed by a member of the HR team who will explain the structure of the bank, HR processes, practical information, etc. to them

2. Onboarding coach

A coach (from a different department) will be selected to help each new employee. They will meet regularly and discuss integration tips and tricks

3. Breakfast with the CEO

New joiners will be given the opportunity to meet the CEO at a breakfast event. They can introduce themselves and ask any questions they might have in a more relaxed and informal atmosphere

4. Business meetings

As part of the welcome program, every new joiner will receive a personalised list of important people to meet with for their new position. These one-on-ones are meant to allow the employee to get a clearer picture of the bank

5. Welcome days

New joiners will take part, over the course of a few days, in departmental presentations and training programs (in form of a seminary) to aid integration

The goal is to have employees be entirely integrated into life at ING Luxembourg within 6 months and to allow the employee to build a network of contacts.

Given that we have a relatively small and flat structure, new joiners can quickly search out and meet the most important co-workers for their position, including most managers. Use of first names, the company’s stringency, and a pleasant working atmosphere are key to easy integration..

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