Recruitment procedure

A quick look at our recruitment process via an example:

Frank is 30 years old and has been employed as an IT analyst and developer for three months. Here is his experience of the recruitment process at ING.

The recruitment process? I remember it very well. It was a friend who spoke to me about ING Luxembourg. At that time, I was actively looking for employment. Having never worked at a bank, I had no experience with the subject matter, but I was still curious to find out a bit more. As such, I went on the website to look for myself what the bank’s needs were at that time.

Given that I knew exactly what type of position I was looking for, using the search engine, I was able to find a list of the available offers in my field very quickly. The position of IT analyst and developer interested me most. After having looked through the offer in detail, I decided to apply for the position by sending  in a copy of my CV and a letter of motivation.

A few days later, while I was out jogging, I got a telephone call. It was a recruiter from ING Luxembourg who wanted to discuss my application.

Our conversation was about fifteen minutes long. I was given the opportunity to give a more in depth look at my motivations and my professional experiences. At the end of our exchange, he said he would get back to me as soon as possible.

Not long afterwards, I got another call from my contact at ING Luxembourg, who told me that my application had been successful and that I could move on to the next step in the recruitment process. We arranged a meeting for the following week at which I was to meet two people from the HR department, before meeting with some members of the IT department.

He also told me that I had to take a couple of tests, including a test of personality, and a test of logical , verbal, and, numerical skills. The good thing about it was that I could take them at home and whenever I liked.

On the day of the interview, I was received by my Human Resources contact and we started the interview. The discussion mainly centred on my personality, my professional experiences, and my aspirations in joining ING. Afterwards, I met two employees from the IT department (my potential future colleagues at ING!). During this meeting, we spoke about the technical aspects of the offer, which afforded me the opportunity to show how well my profile corresponded to their needs.

At the end of the second interview, I was informed that I would be contacted in the following days.

I didn’t have to wait long before being told that I could continue the recruitment process. I was on the final straight. Last hurdle: I had to meet with the manager of the IT department.

This interview offered me another opportunity to reflect on the position, reiterate my motivations and to ask the last few questions that were floating around.

After the interview, I knew I just needed to be patient and hope for the best.

Finally, a few days later, I got the call! I was informed (without too much suspense) that they wanted me for the position of IT analyst and developer. Elated, I thanked him. All that was left was to wait to be contacted to sort out the formalities before signing the contract.

Today is my first day at ING Luxembourg. I will finally be able to meet my new colleagues, get a first look at my work station, and experience my working environment.

Finally, I’ve made it. I’m not a candidate anymore, I’m an employee!

And you?

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