Developing talent

ING Luxembourg’s innovation and dynamism drives us to always be on the lookout for new talent. Our strategy is simple: Find the best profiles in every sector, be they young graduates or experienced professionals.

We expect our employees to truly invest in our company. They all have talent; there is no question of that. But, what we want is to involve them in projects that go beyond their area of expertise. Employees are given innumerable opportunities to develop their skills, from Let’s Innovate to Lunch and Learn through the ING Night Marathon or our CSR events.

Over the course of last few years, personal development has become more and more central to our strategy. We want to be with our employees every step of the way throughout their careers at ING to allow them to grow and acquire new skills.

What do we want? “To have the right person, in the right position, at the right time”. We believe that defining objectives with a manager at the beginning of every year, along with various HR careers guidance meetings, are effective means to measure employee well-being and performance.

Something that we suggest that all our employees do is dive head-first into the world of banking. Through training, internal mobility programs (between different departments, or different ING entities), departmental “discovery” sessions, and many other events we hope to allow every one of our employees to flourish at ING Luxembourg.

Let’s make this clear: Your professional development is entirely in your hands. ING simply wants to provide you with the necessary resources to fulfil your potential.
Your personal development should be as valuable to you as it is to us.

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