A complete careers management

From the very beginning, ING Luxembourg’s strength has been personal and professional development of its employees. The Human Resources department supports its co-workers every step of the way, from the first day of their career at ING Luxembourg to the last.

We have developed (and are always developing more) tools to allow employees to take control of their careers by acquiring new skills, and to allow them to progress within the structure of the bank.

The first major tool is our training process. All year round, we offer our employees a large amount of training programs both directly related to their position at the bank and not. We offer them the opportunity to increase their job skills, and to discover new fields: different departments, Lunch&Learn sessions, etc.

The second tool is our evaluation process. Every year, all of our employees undergo an evaluation process on the basis of objectives laid out the previous year with their manager. This allows us to measure both our employees’ progress and their well-being at the company. Moreover, careers guidance interviews are organised between employees and their Human Resources contact person on a regular basis to determine the employee’s standing with regards to their professional situation, and to offer them the necessary support to be able to contribute to their personal development.

Last, but certainly not least, we are committed to offering excellent internal mobility opportunities. Every employee has the right to express a desire to change position internally: whether on a permanent or temporary basis; whether they want to change department or maybe even of country; it can even be completely unrelated to their current position. There is only ever one step between Marketing and Human Resources, or between Luxembourg and Belgium!

The employee will always be at the heart of our HR policy. We will continue to improve our tools, so as to allow employees to develop and manage their career as well as possible.

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