A learning environment

When you start at ING Luxembourg, your knowledge is a precious asset to us. However, it is only a starting point. Over the course of your career at our company you will acquire new levels of expertise, and develop new skills.

Every year, every ING Luxembourg employee can count an average of 4 days of training (about 27,000 total hours per year). Every employee is offered the opportunity to improve their employability, both internally (potential internal mobility, promotions, etc.) and on the job market. Given the transformation of businesses (development of risk positions, direct channels, etc.) over the course of the last few years, it is important to us to be able to offer support in this process by supplying our employees with the necessary tools.

This is one of our Training service’s main objectives: to offer sessions tailored to the organisation’s different needs and taking into account potential changes. We believe that classical forms of training (“classroom” setting, etc.) are still of fundamental importance. However, our ambition is to develop more innovative and daring, new forms of training programs.

Diversity is the key word. Employees can get the training they want, where they want, when they want, through our e-learning platform ILC (ING Learning Centre) and its hundreds of open-access training programs.

We also offer language courses through autodidactic programs, traditional lessons, or table conversations. When working in Luxembourg (and in an international group), it is pivotal that every employee possesses good language skills (French, English, German, but also Luxembourgish).

The bank has also put in place departmental discovery days to allow employees to discover their colleagues’ day-to-day working environments and better understand the demands and restrictions linked to their position.

If you want to take part in training sessions during your lunch break, sign up for Lunch & Learn! Lunch & Learn offers a series of interactive sessions during which colleagues will share their expertise, their passion, or their experiences in an informal setting!

At ING Luxembourg, we’re working on developing even more on-the-job training programs which will allow employees to develop their skills alongside their direct colleagues. The objective is to create a learning environment at ING Luxembourg, in which employees can develop all the time.

We want our employees to have their careers in their own hands. It is up to employees to find out about available offers, discuss them with their manager, and to contact the Training service whose role is to not only offer support, but, also, to work actively towards employees’ personal development. It can offer fundamental services, such as the creation of a personalised development plan or an assessment program with external partners.

Being a part of ING Luxembourg means having the opportunity to constantly develop and diversify, so as to be up to the task when faced with future challenges at the bank.

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