An innovative Bank

Innovation is part of ING’s DNA. Ralph HAMERS, ING group CEO since 2013, has placed innovation at the very centre of his vision for the bank and believes in encouraging every single entity to develop new concepts all the time.

As such, as well as generating their own ideas, ING Luxembourg can gain inspiration from the best ING group innovations and implement them on the local market as efficiently as possible.

Whether you’re visiting one of our retro-modern-look branches or using our iPhone or Android app, you can always feel our passion for innovation. ING is banking done differently.

We do banking differently, but not just for our clients. At ING Luxembourg, we also want to innovate in terms of training programs (e-learning, Lunch & Learn, etc.) and work-life balance (homeworking, extended workday, etc.).

We never hesitate when it comes to refining our processes or looking for improvement opportunities, and we’re not afraid to take the unbeaten path.

Innovation is now a key component of the bank’s strategy. And we also search for it in the profiles we recruit. We believe that everyone (at all levels) can innovate and provide new ideas which will contribute to the bank’s development.

That is why we have created the Let’s Innovate initiative. The goal couldn’t be simpler: get all interested employees together at workshops to discuss themes such as client experience, human resources, or operational excellence. No limits. No restrictions. Everyone is free to express their vision, whether it relates specifically to their area of expertise or the bank as a whole.

Thanks to Let’s Innovate, a number of ideas have already been realised, such as, for example, 2012’s new My ING homepage or the creation of the Let’s Do It contest, which allows employees to submit project ideas to be voted on by their peers.

Joining ING Luxembourg means joining a bank in motion, with its sights set firmly on the future. To put it simply, as we say here at ING Luxembourg, Let’s Innovate!

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