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Here at ING Hubs Slovakia, we welcome colleagues from other backgrounds other than finance and banking. You can meet colleagues who worked in different professions as language interpreters, TV correspondents, environmental engineering or police. What we’ve learned is that our professional background doesn’t define us. We took the opportunity to create our future rather than be defined by our past.

CRD - Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence

Ensuring we have all of the tools required to effectively perform their job, ensure our IT infrastructure and security is up-to-par and internal projects run as smoothly as possible.

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CRD - Shared Operations

Shared Operations

One of our lines of defense, we help ING protect its core values by guarding safe transactions, data, and relationships.

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CRD - Daily Banking Operations

Daily Banking Operations

We are a core back office function. We process key transactions for our customers related to payments, payments investigations and their accounts.

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CRD - Daily Banking Services

Daily Banking Services

Experience the „real banking“ and be in contact with clients of ING and colleagues from various branches in the Wholesale Banking segment.

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CRD - Regulatory Operations

Regulatory Operations

We play an essential role in ensuring the good reputation of ING. We help guard ING from client money laundering, tax evasion or terrorist financing.

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CRD - Expert Centre

Expert Centre

We support colleagues of Shared Services Bratislava on their transformation journey towards integrated way of working, helping them to do their job in compliant, consistent and effective way.

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