Looking for balance between family and career life? This is our offer.

Are you planning restart of your working career after parental leave? Or looking for opportunity that would enable you to spend sufficient time with your young family and have interesting job at the same time? In ING Hubs we believe that it is possible. We have created work environment that is family friendly and respects needs of working parents. This is what we offer you:

Flexible contracts with shorter working hours
We understand that full time employment might not be ideal option for young parent. For this reason, for many roles, we offer contracts with shorter working hours. You can choose to work 6 hours per day or 4 days per week. Other patterns are possible as well. And of course, you can decide to switch to full time contract when you are ready for it.
Flexible working time and place and great benefits for parents
Whether you prefer to work primarily from home or from the office, you can choose the arrangement that fits best for you and your family. In our benefits package you can find Extra Sick Leave compensation, Extra Vacation Days, Contribution for life insurance and 3rd pillar and lot more.
Stable and growing organization
Although there is a lot of uncertainty in today's business world, we have managed to grow and expand our services steadily since the beginning. Number of our colleagues increases approximately by 20% each year. This creates employment stability but also lot of growth opportunities. Do you want further proof that we are not afraid of the future? We offer permanent contracts to all new employees from day one.

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Dutch Royal Couple visits Slovakia

Our CEO Shoshannah Bramlett represented ING Hubs Slovakia at the occasion of the Dutch Royal Couple’s visit to Slovakia 7th – 8th March, for the celebration of the 30t anniversary of the founding of the Slovak Republic.

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