Programme overview

Programme overview

Select one of the tracks and discover what’s in it for you:

The International Talent Programme offers four years of diversified rotations, trainings and experiences, each one crafted to develop the future leaders of ING.


It’s hard to know exactly what you like before you’ve tried it. That’s why, for the first years, you’ll rotate between different projects and departments within your track before taking over a fixed position.

International assignment:

You’ll conduct at least two projects on rotation, one of which will be in an international location in one  of 20 countries across the globe. You’ll choose the projects with your talent manager as part of your development plan.

Trainings and certifications:

You’ll obtain internationally recognised certifications related to your areas of expertise, which will benefit your career within ING and beyond.

International events:

Each year, you’ll meet up with your fellow trainees for one of the global learning events. two intense weeks of learning, collaborating and connecting.

Programme timeline

Each year follows a theme that reflects where you are in your learning journey

Year 1


Your journey starts here

Year 2


Teamwork, collaboration, networking

Year 3


Bringing your abilities to the next level

Year 4


Taking charge and inspiring others

It isn’t easy, but it’s worth it

If you have made it this far it’s because you’ve shown the potential to be a banking leader in ING. Among the trainees that graduate from the programme, almost 95% stays at ING for five years or more and almost 50 ITP graduates are now in senior management, or on the path to it.

So what’s your passion?

Select one of the tracks and discover what’s in it for you:

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