Human Resources

Human Resources (HR) and its around 20 employees accompany all employees throughout their careers at ING Luxembourg.

What do they do?

From administrative work to careers management (recruitment, training, orientation of new employees, etc.), through communications and legal, financial, and salary and benefit services, HR fills many roles at the bank.

HR strategy is based around 3 central pillars:

Personal development

HR favour a process by which it can support employees throughout their careers at ING Luxembourg, so as to allow them to flourish. Tailored training plans, dynamic careers management, development prospects, all come together to help the employees develop through the acquisition of new skills, and find the right work-life balance.

“Top Employer”

HR plays a pivotal role in the bank’s strategic plans. Every year, it works to improve its recruitment tools, its communications network, and its visibility, so as to realise its goal of becoming an even bigger player in the jobs market.

Promote Corporate Social Responsibility

ING Luxembourg is heavily involved in Corporate Social Responsibility. Be it through internal campaigns (Run for Unicef, charitable lunches, health and well-being seminars, etc.) or outside projects (Solidarity Awards), they all have a common goal: To sensitise employees and raise awareness of important issues. This is a part of an always growing project of Corporate Social Responsibility.


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