Loan Administration

The Loan Administration (Loan Admin) department, consisting of some twenty employees, is in charge of operational management of credit granted to ING Luxembourg clients.


Loan Admin is split in to two teams in accordance with the bank’s strategy and commercial organisation.

  • Retail Banking Loan Administration is responsible for credit business with individual clients and SMEs.
  • Commercial & Private Banking Loan Administration works to find credit solutions for Wholesale Banking (Mid-Size Corporates, Large Corporates, Financial Institutions, etc.) and Private Banking clients.

    Loan Officers

    Every Loan Officer has a portfolio of clients, whose files the Loan Officer has a thorough knowledge of. This allows the Loan Officer to effectively support the client every step of the way. As a secondary function, Loan Officers are expected to support one another by taking charge of co-workers’ files should they be absent.


    • Process credit requests to be transmitted to decision-making instances, ensuring cohesion and coherence of the various elements;
    • Manage contracts and all correspondence regarding loans;
    • Etc.

      Loan Officers are in constant contact with relationship managers and the bank’s other services as well as exterior services (notaries, insurance companies, ING group, etc.). Depending on the case in question, Loan Officers may also be in direct contact with clients.


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