Portfolio Management

Attached to Private Banking, the Portfolio Management department is divided into four sub-departments: Tailor Made (TAM), Advisory Portfolio Management (APM), Financial Advisory Account (FAA) and Middle Office.

Its structure

The Portfolio Management team comprises 19 employees: 14 portfolio managers, 2 risk managers, 2 middle officers and 1 IT specialist.

Each Portfolio Manager has responsibilities in the area of capital, equity, bond and investment fund management.

Its activities

There are three main activities:

‘Discretionary Portfolio Management  Tailor Made (TAM)’ provides a discretionary tailor-made management service investing mainly in individual stocks (equities and bonds).

TAM is a personalised management service in that the customer has a dedicated manager. Management is also tailor-made insofar as investments are made progressively in order to benefit from market opportunities while keeping the existing portfolio in mind. Lastly, investments made by the TAM team also take into account the wishes and restrictions expressed by the customer.

Portfolio Management also provides an advisory management service whereby the customer and APM manager discuss the strategy to be implemented as regards their investments, return prospects and risk in order to create a personalised advisory management mandate.With our APM service (Advisory Portfolio Management), our customers benefit from the services of a dedicated portfolio manager who contacts them regularly to advise on optimal management of their investments in equities, bonds, funds and other investment products. In APM, the final decision is made by the customer.

Lastly, Financial Advisory Accounts (FAA) analyses our customers’ portfolios in order to help them create a diversified and well-balanced portfolio. The FAA team regularly provides the Relationship Managers with investment or arbitrage recommendations according to the risk profile of the customers. Investment funds form the core of the FAA business line, based on 100% open architecture and total independence.


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