Personal development

By taking part in ITP, you will start an 18-month apprenticeship. Starting in the first position you are given, you will be trained, so that you receive the necessary know-how and skills to take on positions with more responsibilities within the bank.

The know-how that you will acquire is split into two categories:

  • Professional: Alongside regular presentations and training sessions in Amsterdam, you will be given the opportunity to discover the essence of ING: its values, its strategy, its businesses, its services, but also what is at stake and what challenges ING faces in the financial sector. This macroscopic vision of the company will be supplemented by more local elements: You will be introduced to ING Luxembourg and its relationships to other entities, to the Luxembourgish market and its peculiarities, and to direct local competitors. You will be given the opportunity to receive specific training tailored to your chosen track. After a couple of months, Orange Spirit will be your mantra! 
  • Personal: One of the essential skills required for this program is leadership. When asked to lead your team in wide-reaching projects, you will have to act as a leader, convey your enthusiasm, and motivate your team to follow you in spite of the difficulties that await them. This means listening to your team and their reservations, and offering them the necessary support. This delicate balance between expectation management and personnel management requires a set of soft skills that are not necessarily instinctive when you start working.

    We will be with you every step of the way during this apprenticeship which is also meant to allow you to get to know yourself better. To this end, certain coaching sessions will be offered alongside specific training programs.

    To aid your development, ING Luxembourg will make certain tools and practices available to you. You are then free to choose those which suit you best, and organise your work accordingly. The idea is a simple one: We suggest; you decide!

    There is another key step in process that will help your development: Don’t be afraid to talk to your colleagues, meet with managers to better understand the running of the company, use our e-learning platforms, follow internal and external training programs, or work on your skills on your own.

    Personal development lies at the heart of ITP, but does not end with the program; it is only the first step in your journey at ING Luxembourg. Learning and training will be omnipresent throughout your career at ING because your personal development is so important to us. We hope to be with you every step of the way. Be pro-active. Tell us what you need (more information on our training policies). One of the key points concerning your personal development at ING is that it’s you who will choose your own path.

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